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Chris, 27 Feb 2021

Changle is great. Service and quality of food is excellent. Really impressed.

Frederick Johnson, 26 Feb 2021

Stephen, 24 Feb 2021

Fantastic food, always on point.

Jeremy Talbotimber, 21 Feb 2021

We are eating in our caravan on the drive

Carolyn, 13 Feb 2021

excellent service and excellent food.

David, 12 Feb 2021

Best Chinese in hull

Emma, 06 Feb 2021

Chris, 05 Feb 2021

Chris, 05 Feb 2021

Chris, 05 Feb 2021

Chris, 05 Feb 2021

Best Chinese takeaway in Hull.

Lizzy, 05 Feb 2021

Very nice food, chips exerlent, curry could do to be a little thicker in my opinion. Service charge not happy with, but overall fantastic food Deliver app changes from 50mins to 1.18mins afther 2mins so was not happy with waiting time. Enjoyed meal plenty of it.

Dean, 30 Jan 2021

Not very happy to pay a service charge, but food tasting brilliant. Also it said delivery 50mins then after 2mins delivery change to 1.18mins??? Not very happy with that??

Dean, 30 Jan 2021

Benjamin, 29 Jan 2021

excellent service and excedllent food.

David, 29 Jan 2021

Still the best chinese we've ever used. I always look for consistency and Changle delivers.

Chriscovvy, 28 Jan 2021


Sarah, 23 Jan 2021

Always standards are good good holsom food

Gregory, 21 Jan 2021

Chris, 01 Jan 2021

Always use this takeaway best I no

Kev, 31 Dec 2020

Absolutely great chips, plenty of food and very hot when collected. Struggling to find chips in the side order, think it should be around on the top of the menu? Don't like paying a service charge for using a bank card? Dispite this very lovery food at reasonable prices.

Dean, 29 Dec 2020

Like others tonight we have seriously been let down. After a 3 hour wait and still no food or contact from Changle we accepted it was not going to arrive. We have used this take away for many years so this is really disappointing. A ruined Christmas Eve...thanks Changle. Hopefully, we will be fully refunded through Food Hub.

Debbie Booth, 24 Dec 2020

So still waiting since 6.10pm now 9.35pm. No way of contacting takeaway, surely if they can't accommodate volume of orders, they have my telephone and email address to let us know. Don't want to sort something else as it might turn up!

Kirstie, 24 Dec 2020

Food was 2.5hours late before we cancelled. Couldn’t get hold of takeaway, just ridiculous

Claire, 24 Dec 2020

Ordered food at 6.10pm tonight still waiting at 9.15om. Telephone is off the hook, can't speak to anyone, family getting tetchy!!

Kirstie, 24 Dec 2020